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ECMLG 2011
6-7 October, Nice, France
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Conference Programme

The programme for the conference is given below.

 Download the programme as a .pdf file


Wednesday 5 October 2011


Pre-Conference Registration and Welcome Drinks (Until 1930)
at the Novotel Sophia Antipolis Hotel

Thursday 6 October 2011


Registration and coffee


Room: Amphi
Welcome from the conference chair:
Charles Despres, SKEMA Business School, France


Keynote address: The Three Faces of Leadership: We need them “all”…
Christopher Blodgett, NATO School, Oberammergau, Germany


Conference splits into streams


Room: Ariane
Stream A: Managing Economic Crises
Chair: Barbara Edington

Room: Daedalus
Stream B: SMEs
Chair: James Lockhart

Room: Olympe
Stream C: Sustainability and CSR
Chair: Danie Du Toit

Room: Minos
Stream D: The Education Sector
Chair: Daniele Chauvel


Governance versus Entrepreneurship and Regional Growth and Development: Challenges for Romania in the context of Economic Crisis and European Integration
Dodescu Anca, University of Oradea, Romania

A Biographical Approach to Researching Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development Processes in a Small Business Context
Jones Karen, Bangor University, UK

Sustainable CIO Leadership in China
Chew Eng, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

The  Role of Governance in Appointing University Managers with Creative Problem Solving Skills
Nazem Fattah, Islamic Azad University, Roudehen- Branch, Iran


Impact of the Global Economic Crises over the Micro and Macro-Environment in Romania
Caescu Stefan Claudiu and Ionel Dumitru, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest,  Romania

Perspectives and Directions for Professional Development in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship compared to Poland and the European Union
Kowal Jolanta, The College Of Management EDUKACJA and Wroclaw University, Poland

From Reporting to Communicating - Debates of European Union Environmental Policies Transposition at Micro-Economic Level
Lungu Camelia Iuliana, Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest, Romania

Influences of the Organizational Culture on Academic Management Change and Development in Classical Universities
Duse Carmen Sonia,  Dan-Maniu Duse and Catalin Nemes, "Lucian Blaga" University in Sibiu, Romania


Corporative Management through Crises Eco-efficient Modelling
Dascălu Cornelia, Chiraţa Caraiani, Gina Raluca Guşe, Camelia I. Lungu,  Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania and  Florian Colceag, IRSCA Gifted Education, Mogoşoaia, Romania

Social Responsibility, An Element of Competitiveness - The Case of SMEs in Romania
Grigore Georgeta, Constantin Brancoveanu University and Corina Grigore, Academy of Economic Studies, Romania

The Variations of CSR Functions Depending on the Socio-Economic Context?
Briscaru Aurica and Georgiana Corcaci , Petre Andrei University, Romania

Re-implementing an Individual Performance Management System as a Change Intervention at Higher Education Institutions - Overcoming Staff Resistance
Du Plessis Marietjie, University of the FreeState, South Africa







Room: Ariane
Stream A: CEOS and Directors
Chair: Eng Chew

Room: Daedalus
Stream B:
Chair: Tom Myers

Room: Olympe
Stream C: Mini track on Managing Intellectual Assets
Chair: John Sullivan

Room: Minos
Stream D: PhD Colloquium
Chair/Discussant: Dan Remenyi and Charles Despres


Much More than CEO Duality: A Behavioural Perspective on Board Leadership
Vandewaerde Maarten, Wim Voordeckers and Frank Lambrechts, Hasselt University, Belgium with Yannick Bammens, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Developing and Executing a Strategy While Confronting Conflicting Stakeholder Interests: A Case
Cummings Michael, Gary Ottley and Robert Brewster, Babson College, USA

Structural Capital and Project Processes - Areas for Future Focus
Edington Barbara, St. Francis College and Beth Ouellette, The Ouellette Group, USA

Inter-Firm Cooperation under the view of Theory of Planned Behaviour - The Case of Vietnam
Nguyen Phuc Nguyen and Mizutani Fumitoshi, Kobe University, Japan
‘Choice’ or Predetermined Path? Women in Investment Management - Why so few?
Sheerin Corina, National College of Ireland, Ireland
Experiental Education as a part of Human Resource Development in Czech Republic Business Companies
Blahuš Radek, Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Czech Republic
The Testing and Validation of a Model for Leadership Maturity based on Jung's Concept of Individuation
du Toit Dan, Theo Veldsnan and Deon van Zyl, University of Johannesburg, South Africa
1430-1500 Discussion and feedback


The Board of Directors as a Team - Getting inside the Black Box, Vandewaerde Maarten, Wim Voordeckers and Frank Lambrechts, Hasselt University, Belgium with Yannick Bammens, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Professionalization of TMT in Private Family Firms - The Danger of Institutionalism
Vandekerkhof Pieter, Tensie Steijvers, Wim Voordeckers and Walter Hendriks, University Hasselt, Belgium

Developing, screening or signalling human capital?
Zaharie Monica, Osoian Codruta and  Opre Adrian Babes-Bolyai University, Romania


Tax Aggressive Behaviour in Private Family Firms - The Effect of the CEO and Board of Directors
Steijvers Tensie, Hasselt University, Belgium and Mervi Niskanen, University of Eastern Finland

Public Listed Companies and Fund Managers’ Perceptions on Investor Relations Programs in Malaysia
Abu Hasan Norraidah,Alicia Tan and Memiyanty Abdul Rahim Universiti Teknologi Mara Shah Alam, Malaysia

Making Organizational Learning Work: Lessons from a High Reliability Organization
Sullivan John, University of South Florida, USA and Roger Beach, University of Bradford, UK


Refreshments and ProQuest Presentation

Refreshments and ProQuest Presentation

Refreshments and ProQuest Presentation

Refreshments and ProQuest Presentation


Room: Ariane
Stream A: Mini track on Happiness and Wellbeing at Work
Florian Sala

Room: Daedalus
Stream B: Leadership
Chair: Michael Cummings

Room: Olympe
Stream C: The Education Sector
Chair: Virginia Maracine

Room: Minos
Stream D: PhD Colloquium
Chair/Discussant: Dan Remenyi and Charles Despres


Workplace well-being and engagement – some inter-relations and their organizational impacts.
Nath Jinia   Mukerjee, Skema, France

Individual and Corporate Leadership Longevity
Lee-Davies Linda and Nada Kakabadse, University of Northampton, UK

Management Leadership and Governance in Education
Edoun Emmanuel Innocents, The University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa

Identification of Specific Motivational Factors for Different Categories of Staff and its Importance
Vránová Šárka, Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic
Examination of the Dynamic Relationship between Authoritarianism and Benevolence and BSH and BSW through a Polychronic Lens and from a Fit Perspective - Generating Knowledge from Lebanon
Hachem Fadi, Cranfield University, UK and  Arab Open University, Lebanon
Relationships between Human Resources Management and Organizational Culture
Florea Nicoleta-Valentina, Ioana Raluca Goldbach and Felix- Constantin Goldbach, University Valahia of Targoviste, Romania
Discussion and feedback


Applying The Science of Happiness at Work within Organizations
Lutterbie Simon and Jessica Pryce-Jones, iOpener Institute for People and Performance, UK

Towards a new Conceptual Model of Management and Leadership Competencies and their impact on Organizations Performance
Martin Xavier C, SSEC Business School Paris, France

The Directing Role of Governance in Establishing Proper Organizational Culture in Universities
Nazem Fattah, Islamic Azad University, Roudehen Branch, Iran


Close of conference day


Bus Picks up from SKEMA and Sophia Antipolis Nototel


Tour of the Grasse Perfume Museum


Dinner at the Casino Restaurant in Grasse


Bus returns to the Sophia Antipolis Novotel


Friday 7 October 2011


Refreshments available


Room: Amphi
Keynote Speaker:
Florence Tressols, IBM, France


Presentation to announce ECMLG 2012, John Politis, Neapolis University Pafos, Cyprus


Poster contibutors stand by their posters for others to discuss the research

Room: Ariane
Stream A: Performance Management and Evaluation
Chair: Liana Mester

Room: Daedalus
Stream B: Corporate Governance
Chair: Patrick Hester

Room: Olympe
Stream C: Audit Committees and Cost analysis
Chair: Wim Voordeckers

Room: Minos
Stream D: Regional Governance Issues
Lugkana Worasinchai

Room: Amphi
Stream E: Virtual Organisations
John Politis


The Impact of Quality of Bureaucracy on Governance Performance - A Comparative Study in Balkan States
Matei Ani and Lucica Matei, National School of Political Studies and Public Administration, Romania

Corporate Governance in Emerging Economies : Evidence from Romania
Feleaga Niculae, Liliana Feleaga, Voicu Dan Dragomir and Adrian D. Bigioi, Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest, Romania

Questioning on Audit Committee Effectiveness
Dobroteanu Camelia Liliana, Laurentiu Dobroteanu and Adriana Sofia  Raileanu, Academy of Economic Studies, Romania

Overcoming Governance Handicaps in a Developing Economy
Ogunyemi Abiola, Pan-African University Lagos, Nigeria

The Big Five Personality Traits and the Art of Virtual Leadership
Politis John, Neapolis University Pafos, Cyprus and Denis Politis, Imperial College London, UK


The Characteristics and Performances of the Entrepreneurial Management in Romania
Bugnar Nicoleta, Adriana Giurgiu, Liana Mester and Mehai Berinde, University of Oradea, Romania

Board Dynamics - The Soft Underbelly of Corporate Governance
Veldsman Theo, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Evaluation of the Audit Committee Features and the Manner in which they influence Financial Reporting: Evidence from Amman Stock Exchange
Al-Sa'eed Mo'taz, Al-Balqa' Applied University  Jordan

Governance of the Economic Engine Room : Insights from Agricultural Governance in New Zealand
Lockhart James, Massey University, Palmerston North,New Zealand

Managing Knowledge in Digital Economy - The Role of Virtual Organizations
Ghilic-Micu  Bogdan,  Virginia Maracine, Marian Stoica and Cecelia Simion Ciocan, Bucharest University of Economics, Romania


Model for Performance Management and Measurement: Using Synergic Effects of Selected Tools
Chodur Miroslav, Drahomira Pavelkova and Adriana Knapkova, Tomas Bata University, Zlin, Czech Republic

Preventive Measures for Dealing With Corporate Conflicts
Erahtina Olga, Higher School of Economics, Perm branch, Russia

Communications between Software Engineering and Business - Opportunity and Cost Analysis
Ens Richard and Richard Turner, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, USA

IT Project Management in Relation to Employees' Competence in Poland
Kowal Jolanta, Aleksandra Kwiatkowska and Wojciech Kowal,  University of Wroclaw, Poland

VTMM - Virtual Team Maturity Model
Friedrich Ralf, Udo Bleimann, University of Applied Sciences of Darmstadt, Germany, Ingo Stengel and Paul Walsh, Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland







Room: Ariane
Stream A: Knowledge Management and Social Capital
Chair: Aurelie Arntzen

Room: Daedalus
Stream B: Career Development
Chair: Theo Veldsman


Room: Olympe
Stream C: Personality and Socialisation
Chair: Jolanta Kowal

Room: Minos
Stream D: Research and Development and Methods
Chair: Karen Jones

Room: Amphi
Stream E: Mini track on Leadership and Governance of Enterprise 2.0
Charles Despres


Knowledge Management:Falling at the First Hurdle?
Urwin Gerry, Coventry University, UK

Career Development Plan Model in Emirate of Abu Dhabi Government Departments, UAE, to achieve its Strategic Vision
Alobaidli Ali, Abu Dhabi Government, NRC Center, UAE presentation only

A Role of Socialization Tactics on the Perceived Person-Job Fits of the New Employees
Supatn Nucharee, Assumption University, Thailand

Toward a Viable Construct of R&D System Governance
Hester Patrick and Thomas Meyers,  Old Dominion University, USA

The Potential of Library 2.0 in Buttressing “prosumption” Culture among Researchers in Kenya
Kwanya Tom, Christine Stilwell, University of KwaZulu-Natal and Peter Underwood, University of Cape Town, South Africa


Gender Spread Analysis of Customer Knowledge for Competitive Advantage: Case of Beauty and Cosmetic Products in Thailand
Woransinchai Lugkana, Bangkok University, Bangkok, Thailand and Farhad Danesghar and Kerry Barnett, University of New SouthWales, Sydney, Australia

Core Competencies for Business Graduates Embark on the Economic Clusters of Saudi Arabia
Nataraja Sundaram,  Mazen Rasheed, Ahmed Al-Aameri and Zia-Ulhaq Paracha, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

The Role of Moral Values in Business
Popa Mirela and Irina Iulia Salan, BabesBolyai University, Romania

Toward the What and How of Measuring R&D System Effectiveness
Meyers Thomas and Patrick Hester, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, USA

Changing Managerial and Leadership Roles in Successful Industries in Pune
Prasad Parveen, M.U College of Commerce,Pune, India,


The Social Capital of Brand Communities
Tarnovan Anabella-Maria, National School of Political Studies and Public Administration, Romania

Internalization of the Values of National Integrity Systems and Governance Performance in some South-Eastern European States - Significant Aspects and Comparative Studies
Matei Ani, Florin Popa and Carmen Savulescu, National School of Political Studies and Public Admnistration, Romania

Social Media Networking Tools (SMNT): Concepts, Challenges and Corollaries of Organisational Work Practices
Bechina Aurila Aurellie, Buskerud University, Norway and Eli Hustad, University of Agder, Norway

Development of a Validation Method for an Information Technology Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Health Care Framework
Krey Mike and Steven Furnell,University of Plymouth, Plymouth, United Kingdom and Bettina Harriehausen and Matthias Knoll, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences



Room: Amphi
Review of the topics covered in the conference
Led by
Charles Despres


Close of Conference



Poster only

Renewing Human Intellectual Capital by Building Trust in Intra-organizational Relationships
Ikonen Mirjami and Taina Savolainen, University of Eastern Finland, Finland

The Elaboration and Implementation of an Innovative Methodology for Analyzing and Evaluating the Characteristics and Performances of the Entrepreneurial Management in Romania
Giurgiu Adriana, Ion Popa, Nicoleta Bugnar, Liana Mester, Mihai Berinde and Lucian Unita, University of Oradea, Oradea, Romania

Rapid Management Development of Practitioner Research Capability
Wall Tony, University of Chester, UK

Relationship between Acceptance of Technological Changes and Computer Anxiety
Mohd Shah Maimunah, Roshidi Hassan and Roslani Embi, University Technology MARA, Malaysia

The Shareholders’ Confidence in External Auditors and Audit Committees
Dobroteanu Laurentiu, Nicoleta Coman, Camelia Liliana Dobrotean and Paul Diaconu, Academy of Economic Studies, Romania

Records Governance in Enterprise 2.0 - Toward An Archival Understanding of Social Media and its Potential for Record Creation
Shaffer Elizabeth and  Luciana Duranti, University of British Columbia, Canada

Models for Supply Chain Governance
Crisain Emil, Ilie Parpucea and Liviu Ilies, Babes Boyal University, Romania

US Apparel Retailers' Use of Facebook in Strategic Management Under Environmental Uncertainty
Hwang Eun Jin, Indiana University of Pennslyvania and Marjorie Norton, Virginia Tech, USA

The Concept of Sustainable Development in the Context of Economic, Environmental and Social Conditions in the 21st Century
Zborkova Jitka and Lilia Dvorakova, University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic



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