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ECKM 2011
1-2 September, Passau, Germany
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Abstracts Selected





Abstract submissions have now closed. The review panel have completed the selection process for abstracts submitted before 10 February and this page lists the abstracts selected for submission as full papers. Late submissions are currently being considered and the page will be updated as appropriate.

Full papers are due not later than 31 March 2011. Please read note to authors and the style guidelines document. Papers should be submitted as .doc or .rtf file attachments by email to the Conference Manager, Julia Hawkins with the paper submission checklist and copyright form, which are available from the download area.

You can see an outline programme for the conference on the Programme page.               

Note: Authors are advised that the submission date for the full paper for review is a final date. Earlier submission of the full paper helps us to manage the review process in a timely manner. So if your full paper is ready before 31 March 2011, please email it to Julia Hawkins, the conference submissions manager.



Abstract title: Listed in no particular order

Barriers to Knowledge Management in Saudi Arabia With Respect to the Saudi Arabian National Information Technology Plan

Why Should I Share My New Ideas? Cultural Barriers to Innovation Spreading

A Proposed Framework for Acquiring Key Knowledge in Supply Chain

The Major Challenges of Electronic Communities of Practice in Iranian Leading Virtual University: A Qualitative Approach

Knowledge Management and Fuzziness for Location-Allocation Decisions

The Chain Value Process and Knowledge Transfer in a Bioengineering Case

Knowledge Management Effectiveness Measurement in Research Organizations: an Iranian Experience

Natural Decision Making Clarifies Knowledge Barriers for Launching New Telecommunications

Knowledge-Enhanced E-Governance for the "New" Economy

Win-n: A Success Concept for Knowledge Management (the Correct Term is "Win-to-the-Power-of-n" but Exponents are not Possible Here)

Towards A Dynamic Knowledge-Based View of Business Model Innovation

Knowledge Base Development of Companies in R&D Partnerships; an Organisational Process and Social Perspective on Learning

Knowledge as A Catalyst for Innovation and the Organizational Learning to Support Decision-Making for Efficiency Improvement

Factors Affecting Knowledge Sharing through Using Knowledge Management Systems to Support Decision Making Processes in Multinational Corporations

An Empirical Investigation for Diagnosis of Knowledge Gaps: Case Study in the Industrial firms

Future Challenges: Virtual Environments Supporting Knowledge Sharing

A Framework for the Assessment of Knowledge Management in Learning Organizations

Similarity of Shared Mental Models (SMM) and its Impact on Process Stability in Steel Production: First Results of a Knowledge Audit Methodology

Commercialization of Herbal Medicine, Biopiracy and Threat to Intellectual Property Regime: a Case Study of Chhattisgarh, India

Adoption of Knowledge Management Systems in SMEs; Realities and Challenges from Ethiopia

A Knowledge Management View of the University Technology Transfer Process: Findings from a Case Study.

Collaborative Knowledge Audit for Multiple Organizations

A Peer Assist Approach to Help Solve the Community Entangling for Thailand Offshore Petroleum Exploration

Knowledge Management for Emergency Services – an Operations-Oriented Approach

Information Technology (IT) for Knowledge Management

A Conceptual Model to Utilize Acquired Healthcare Knowledge based on Using Electronic Health Records

Knowledge Management in Turbulent Times – Do we Understand our Organizations ?

Using Web 2.0 Technologies to Support Technology Surveillance in a University Context

The Influence of Repatriation Support and Social Climate Perceptions on Repatriate Knowledge Sharing

The Relational Capital as a Key Factor for a Company’s Success; General Insights

Understanding the Fit between Knowledge Activities and the Firm in Five Software SMEs

Developing an Innovative Knowledge Management Implementation Approach

Capturing Lessons that Should be Learned: An After Event Review for Whole-of-Government Security Planning and Operations

Examining the Strategic Objectives of Implementing KM in the NHS {Medway NHS and Medway Community Healthcare (MCH)}

Towards A Dynamic Knowledge-Based View of Business Model Innovation

The Added Value of Gyroscopic Management for Strategic Human Resource Management in the Knowledge Economy.

Perceptions of Knowledge Management Prerequisites and Challenges of Organisational Learning

IT Governance Practice to Prioritize Knowledge Management Projects for Effective Service Delivery

Understanding Inter-Firm Networks and Types of Innovation in SMEs: A Social Network Perspective

Utilizing Key Performance- and Knowledge Based Indicators for Measuring and Evaluating of Knowledge Management Activities

Assessment of the "Parsian Bank" Readiness to Apply Knowledge Management Model Using BKMM Model

Knowledge and Knowledge Management and the Very Rich

Studying the Effects of Knowledge Management on Total Quality Management in Public Organizations in Developing Countries(A Case Study of Iran)

Gyroscopic Management, a New Approach..

The Role of Critical Success Factors in Acquiring Competitive Advantages in Two Industrial Factories, Tehran ,Iran

The Essence of Knowledge Management

Development of a Strategic Management Model for Knowledge Management of Employees of an Organization in Tehran

The Symbolic Innovation of the Bio-informatics Discipline: A Communities of Practice Approach to Innovative IT Development

The Role of Communities of Practice on Knowledge Creation Process in the Kingdom of Bahrain

University Institution Quality Improvement from Knowledge Management Point of View

Knowledge Sharing Practices, Managerial Tacit Knowledge, and Individual Performance; Their interrelationships and the Moderating Role of Employee

Social entrepreneurship. Competence for social economy in Romania and The Netherlands

Knowledge and Skills; Back to Basics in Re-Structuring a Qualification?

Germany – Towards a knowledge-based economy

Analysis of the Role of Suggestion System in Organizational Improvement in the Era of Conglomerate holding companies by Developing an Innovative Model ; A case study of Bonyad e Tam Holding In Iran

Infrastructure of Innovative Universities Based on ICT and KM for Building Smart Economy

Expert Knowledge Helps or Hinders Idea Generation and Creativity for Innovation?

Identifying and Ranking the Critical Success Factors in Implementation of Knowledge Management Using DELPHI Method Case Study: Zone 22 of Tehran Municipality

Knowledge Management Assessment Of The Khorasan Razavi Gas Company; Viewpoint of Employees

Applying Web Analytics Tools in the Context of Enterprise Social Software

Raising Cross Border Knowledge Networks

the Making Process of the Organizational Intellectual Capital at University

Buzz Network Strategies and Their Impact on Knowledge Management Process.

Organizational Commitment and Innovation; the Mediating Role of Knowledge Management

Social Media Mindset and Knowledge Management

Level of Knowledge Corporate Governance authorities in the Czech Republic

Knowledge Boundaries of the Firm in Russian Heavy Engineering Companies

Role of Knowledge Sourcing in Albanian SMEs

The Influence of Information Security in Banking Concerning Knowledge Management

Promoting Knowledge Management Through Sustainable Retention Strategies in Nigerian Telecommunication Industry

Work Engagement and Job Satisfaction Among Highly Skilled Workforce in the Welfare Sector in Italy.

Using Knowbots in Developing Knowledge Ecosystems

Intellectual Capital Evaluation; Relationship Between Knowledge Management Implementation and Company’s Performance

Investigating the Adoption of Information Technology of Knowledge Management in Zone 22 of Tehran Municipality

Regional Knowledge-Based Management Creating, Transforming and Sharing Knowledge in a Region During a Vision Development Process

National Intellectual Capital, International Competitiveness and Economic Development – Sources for the National Wealth

The Application of Nonaka’s SECI Model in Cross-Cultural Contexts

From Open Thinking to Open Decision Making Process in the Regional Development Through Efficient Knowledge Management Platform

Knowledge Management in Words not in Action (Case study; an Autocratic Organization)

The Business Group in a Systemic Perspective

Use of KM Practices by KIBS Companies

Knowledge Documentation Based on PMBOK Guide; A Case Study in Dam Industry of Iran.

Knowledge Transfer, Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Barriers – Three Blurry Terms in KM

Knowledge Mapping Based on EFQM Excellence Model; A Practical Tools to Make Visible Organizational Knowledge

Risk Analysis for Knowledge Management Project by Using PMBOK Guideline and FMEA Techniques : Case Study

The Importance of Trust in Increasing Entrepreneurs’ Accessibility to Tacit Knowledge

The Relationship Between European Social Fund and Knowledge Management in Romanian Organizations

Building Intellectual Capital Through a Framework Based on Employee Competence and Performance Repository

Getting Ready for Knowledge Management: A UK Local Government Case Study

Immersive Knowledge Communication in 3D Virtual Environments

Middle Managers' Maturity of Knowledge Sharing: Investigation of Middle Managers Working at Medium- and Large-sized Enterprises

What’s Your Strategy for Measuring IT and Non-IT for Knowledge Management in an Organisation?

Assessing the Knowledge Economy's Performance in Romania

Organizational Learning through Reflexive Project Work

Facilitating Knowledge Sharing in Virtual Networks

Knowledge Sources, Innovation and Organizational Learning in Small Firms.

Mobile Harmonisation Model to Tackle Engineering Skills and Knowledge Challenges in a Multigenerational Workforce in Australia and Europe

A Tool to Audit Intellectual Capital Management

Knowledge Sharing in Global Teams: Enablers and Barriers

To base vocational education on knowledge or on experience?

Diagnosis of Knowledge Management at the Secretary of Heritage of the Union in the Brazilian Public Administration: a Comparative Study With an Italian Case.

The Multiculturality Aspects in Knowledge Management Within the Slovak Industrial Enterprises

Importance of Motivation and Corporate Training for Company Key Staff Retention

Exploring the Techknowledge Potential by Disteh Model. Innovating the Products and Analyzing the Innovative Technologies

Knowledge Management Education for Knowledge Society

Knowledge Visualization as a Possible Solution to the Issue of Information Overload

Organizational Tacit Knowledge Visualization through Organizational Explicit and Individual Tacit Knowledge Warehouses

Measuring Utility of Geospatial Maps for Information Seeking; Findings of a Structured Literature Review and Preliminary Think-Aloud-Study

Web 2.0 and Knowledge Management Processes in the Public Sector.

Using Hybrid Wikis for Enterprise Information Management – Experiences from Two Industrial Cases

Knowledge Management in the Quebec Mining Industry; A Framework to Ensure Knowledge-Based Translation

Promoting a Sustainable Innovation : Apects of Knowledge Management, Trust Formation and the Use of Prediction Markets

From Knowledge Acquisition to Knowledge Elicitation; A Roadmap

Relevance of Intellectual Capital for the Public Sector

Intellectual Capital in Universities; Faculty and Student Perceptions

Managing Intellectual Capital in SMEs in the Framework of the Knowledge Based Economy

Assessment of Knowledge Sharing Readiness;An Institute of Higher Learning Case Study

Universities as Knowledge Creation and Sharing Institutions

Knowledge Sharing in Romanian Companies

Knowledge Sharing Model for Public Sector Accountants; An Empirical Investigation

The Challenge of Scientific Cooperation in Large Complex Research Clusters – Experiences from the Cluster of Excellence “Integrative Production Technology for High-Wage Countries”

Designing the Motivational Conceptual Model in KM Implementation

National Knowledge Management Strategy based on Knowledge Economy: Recommendations for Small Island Economies

A Knowledge Based Theory of the Firm in Entrepreneurial Support Structure

Absorptive Capacity: An Empirical Investigation of Knowledge Absorption Practices

Learning Organisation, Knowledge Management Process and Organisational Performance: Empirical Evidence from Public University

Definition of Key Indicators of a Knowledge Management System to Manage and Evaluate the Research Activities of a Public Hospital Department

Nonaka’s SECI Model & Innovation in the Egyptian Banking Sector

Communities of Practice: Comparing Experiences From Private Companies and Public Organisations

An Insight into Multicultural Knowledge Transfer and Competitiveness of Research and Development Centers Within ICT Industry

Knowledge Management Strategies of Professional Trainings Programs through Online Education – An Overview of a Program for Teachers Career Development Opportunities

Designinig a Model of Knowledge Management Culture for Educational System in Esfahan city(Iran) Shafiepour Motlagh ,Farhad,MA Faculty Member of Islamic Azad University of Iran (Mahallat Branch)

Existing Dimensions of Absorptive Capacity And The Way Foreword; The Mediating Functionality of Mental Models Manifested by Entrepreneurs.

Optimized Knowledge Transfer - Identify and Keep Important Tacit Knowledge in Your Organization

Sharing and Transferring Knowledge – How to Increase Efficiency of Soft Techniques for KS; KS/KT Model on Practice

Intangible Assets: From Evaluation to Valuation

Knowledge Creation and Management; Keys to Develop Intrapreneurship

A Conceptual Knowledge Management Model – Utility for Practice and Equipment for Re-search

A Framework for Knowledge Mapping in Project-based Organization: a Case Study

Knowledge Management Strategies of Professional Trainings Programs Through Online Education – An Overview of a Program for Teachers Career Development Opportunities

Deployment Knowledge in Urban Management: A Case Study of Department of Housing and Urban Development in West Part of Iran

Investigating the Adoption of Knowledge Management Information Technology Systems in Zone 22 of Tehran Municipality

Managing Knowledge-Intensive Centers for Research, Experimental Development and Application of Scientific Discoveries - the Biggest Challenge of Knowledge Management of the 21st Century

An Intelligent Model to Asses Organizational Maturity for Implementation of Knowledge Management

Reconsidering Skills and Competences: Transferability, Generalizability and Strategic Implications.

Using FUZZYQFD Approach for Successful Implementation of Knowledge Management

Can Knowledge Management Survive Without Information Technology?

Sustainable Decision Making in New Product Development Processes

Social Capabilities and Innovation; a Theoretical Analysis

Open Innovation Market

Managing Critical Events in Collaborative Knowledge Building; Insights from Agent-Based Simulations

In the Search for Methods to Transform Tacit Knowledge into Explicit one: Lessons From Knowledge Engineering Science

Research Notes on the Practical Deployment of Semantic Knowledgebases

Tacit Knowledge Identification, Capture and Dissemination: Ecopetrol S.A. A Real Example of Implementation

Ontology Engineering Based on Domain Specific Languages and Ontology Design Patterns

Ontology of Knowledge on Environments of Labor Outsourcing

Scope of Knowledge Management for Improving Performance in Call Centre Service Delivery

Analyze Factors that may Affect the Uses of Knowledge Management in Sudanese Medium Sizes Companies

The Not-Invented-Here Syndrome in Academia – How to Measure and Manage it

Organizational Strategy, Culture and Research Productivity; a Comparison of Two Academic Institutions

The Interaction with Media; A Partner or Threat for MNC Organizations

Knowledge Management Role in Business Model Innovation

Integration of Knowledge into the Value Stream Mapping Method – Potentials and Challenges –

Knowledge Sharing Behaviour in Nursing Learning

Towards a Theory on the Influence of Organizational Culture on Knowledge Sharing

Validation a scale for measuring the Intellectual Capital in Universities

Country Strategic Risk and Knowledge Management; A proposed Framework for Improvement

Knowledge Management Across the Globe – An International Survey of KM Consciousness, Practices and Performance

Understanding Personal Knowledge Development in Online Learning Environments; An Instrument for Measuring Externalisation, Combination and Internalisation

Critical Factors for the Governance and Management of Network of SME in Market Crisis Context.

Knowledge Dynamics and Organisational Learning Cycles

Developing Reputation Model for B2C by Utilizing Social Networks

Meta-Analysis of Publications on Web 2.0; Impact, Productivity, Prevalent Topics and Research Agendas

Knowledge Conversion for Prognosis in Subsea Oil and Gas Industry

Developing Institutions of Knowledge Economy

Knowledge and Competitiveness - Intra-European Differences and Convergence – Romanian Case

KM as a Solution for the Shortage of Competent Employees in SMEs at the Developing Country (Case study; Vietnam)

A Soft Systems Approach to Solving Knowledge Management Problems in Organisational Change Environments

Institutional Matrix for Knowledge Economy

Multilayer Structure of Knowledge Nodes

A Comparative Study of Innovative Milieu in two Semiconductor Clusters- Hsin Chu Science Park in Taiwan and Shanghai Zhangjiang High-Tech Park in China

The Global Knowledge Management Framework; Understanding Knowledge Management in Globally Distributed Settings

The Impact of Knowledge Management on SME’s in Romania

Presenting a Compound Model of Knowledge Management Value Chain in Higher-Education

An Exploratory Study of Knowledge Strategy in a Knowledge-Intensive Firm Using a Strategy as Practice Approach

Institutional Leadership: An Inconvenient Truth

Presenting a Model for Predicting the Factors Involved in Implementation of Knowledge Management in Iranian Governmental Organizations (A Case Study on Iran Sanjesh Amoozesh Organization)

Application Identification of Semantic Web Techniques in KM Systems

Cost of Knowledge Production and Transfer

“ Organization Readiness Assment for Competency Mapping in Khorasan Razavi Gas Company

Designing Visual’s Artifact and Knowledge: Intellectual Capital in the Service of Company Case Study of Office of Workspace’s Arrangement

Role of the Tacit Knowledge and Knowledge Management Systems for Writing Academic Papers; a Case Research

Multiprofessional Communities of Practice in a Large-scale Healthcare Collaboration; Formation, Identity Building and Knowledge Sharing

Information Intensive Systems; Enabler or Inhibitor of Sustainable Knowledge Capability

Ways to Create and Measure Value Within an SME

Knowledge Workers; an Identification Instrument

A Different View to Knowledge and Personal Knowledge Management System.

Knowledge management in Collaborative Enterprise for Decision Support

Competence Management in a NPO – the Case of the Red Cross Lower Austria

Key Knowledge Sharing Points; Exploring a New Concept for Studying Crossroads in Global Innovation Projects

Experiential Knowledge Creation Processes in the Higher Education Teaching-Learning Process

Evaluation of Quality of Knowledge of Lessons Learned

Knowledge Creation In Multinational Corporations

Health-Care Collaboration System (HCCS)

Knowledge Translation and Transfer Research in the Occupational Health and Safety Research Network of Quebec.

From Homo Habilis to Information Age Hominids; is Population a Proxy for Universal Intellectual Capital?

Multi Perspective Framework to Improve the Knowledge Flow

Managing Uncertainty in Projects – a Means to Knowledge Transfer and Learning?

Proposal: A 2.0 Knowledge Management Model for “Medellin Ciudad Cluster (Medellin Cuidad de Conocimiento)")"* * Medellín, a Cluster City (Medellín, a City of Knowledge)

A comprehensive framework for Measuring KM Effectiveness (MKME) in Organization

Individual Level Influences on Tacit Knowledge Sharing Practices and Behaviours: a Study of Manufacturing MNC's

Role of the tacit knowledge in the use of knowledge management systems.

A Model for Risk Analysis in the Process of Building a Knowledge Cluster in Colombia

Assisting Understanding, Retention, and Dissemination of Religious Texts Knowledge with Modeling and Visualization: The Case of The Quran

Absorptive Capacity Routines in Practice

Knowledge Management Practices (KMP) and its Impact on Organizational Performance in Pharmaceuticals Firms

A Practical Model for Evaluating the Maturity of Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management Model - the Case of Public Order Preparation

Knowledge’s Importance in Regional Development

Organisational Knowledge Externalization by Cyclic Process Model Transformation

Presenting a Model for Predicting the Factors Involved in Implementation of Knowledge Management in Iranian Governmental Organizations (A Case Study on Iran Sanjesh Amoozesh Organization)

The Knowledge Clinic: Concepts, Methods and Tools to Support Productive Knowledge Managements in Companies

Communities of Practice and the Development of a Comprehensive Knowledge Management Model

Analysis of Knowledge Work Execution at Computer Workplaces

Using Integrated Framework to Analyze Complex Situation of Knowledge Management System (KMS) Initiatives

Identification and Documentation of Managerial Experiences

Network Management as a Way to Manage Intellectual Capital

Social Mechanisms of Knowledge Transfer and Knowledge Sharing

Assessing Cultural Readiness of Organization for Successful Implementation of Knowledge Management: Applying FMCDM Approach; Case of Central Bank of Iran

The Impact of the Knowledge Management in Romanian Public Organizations

How Changes in Society are Reflected in Changes in E-Collaboration: a Case Study

Identify Knowledge Management Indicators and its Relation With Job Empowerment Strategy the Educational Departments

Strategies for Increasing Knowledge Retention in Universities Through Intergenerational Knowledge Transfer

Practices to Promote Organizational Knowledge; a Case Study in a Mining Company

Collaborative Decision Support System Proposal Model to Reduce Delay and Cancellation of Airline Operation Management Process and Implementation for Istanbul Ataturk Airport

The Influence of the Organizational Learning Phases in the Total Process: a Special Analysis of Organizational Structure

Knowledge Management as a Strategic Tool for Human Resource Management: A Study of Selected Higher Educational Institutions

A Knowledge Taxonomy for Developing Organizational Memory System for Public IHL

Implementing a work-life balance culture in SMEs though relational learning

Survey of Existing organizational culture and effect on the organization structure of knowledge management

The Mutual Transmission of Knowledge and Competencies among Generations: a Dynamic Capability

Contextual Adaptive Visualization Environments:Definition, Model and Implementation

Chaordic Knowledge Management – Shifting Paradigms for Online Knowledge Networks

Knowledge-Driven Decision Making in Medicine

Knowledge Sharing and Innovation: The Case of Spanish and Colombian High-Tech Firms

Ergonomic Ethics with Applicability in Welding Technique Field

National Intellectual Capital: Iran Case in Comparison With the Persian Gulf Countries

Organizational Readiness to Adopt knowledge Management Processes: A Conceptual Model

Intellectual Capital Identification in Organizational and National Level (Micro and Macro Perspective)

The Impact of Knowledge Sharing on Organizational Performance

Serious games in the context of organizational knowledge management practices

The Compilation of Structural Model for Organizational Learning in Universities Based on Managers' Emotional Intelligence

Measurement of Customer Knowledge Value

A Ranking Method for Identification of Crucial Knowledge

A Knowledge Management Strategy for Improving the Business Process Re-Engineering Process

Theoretical Relationships Between Web 2.0 Facilitated Knowledge Sharing, Social Capital, and Intellectual Capital.


Author names: Listed by lead author surname

Abbasi Maryam and Mohammad Mosakhani, Tehran University, Iran

Manfredi Simone, Domenico Celenza and Rosa Lombardi, University of Cassino; Italy

Abdelrahman Mahmoud, Manchester Business School, UK; Simon French, UK; Nadia Papamichail, Manchester Business School, UK

Marco Bettoni, Willi Bernhard, Gabriele Schiller and Cindy Eggs, Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland

Abdul Manaf Halimah, Steve Armstrong and Alan Lawton, University of Hull, UK

Marshall Peter and Damian Gordon, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland

Abdul Wahab Rabiah, Nurol' Ain Mustapha and Nor Azairiah Fatimah Othman, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

Martucci Isabella and Annunziata de Felice, University of Bari, Italy

Ackermann Benno, Credit Suisse AG, Switzerland

Massaro Maurizio, Udine University, Italy; Bardy Roland, Florida Gulf Coast University, USA

Ahmad Shukor Nur Syufiza, Haslinda Sutan Ahmad Nawi, Suzana Basaruddin and Nasrudin Md Rahim, UNISEL, Malaysia

Matinez-Leon Inocencia and Isabel Olmedo-Cifuentes, Technical University of Cartagena, Spain

Ahmad Shukor Nur Syufiza, Universiti Industri Selangor, Malaysia; Azizah Abdul Rahman, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

Matos Florinda, School of Technology and Management – CIGS, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Portugal; Albino Lopes, ISCSP – CAPP - Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal; Nuno Matos, PMEConsult; Portugal, Susana Rodrigues, School of Technology and Management – CIGS and CDRSP, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Portugal

Ai Chi-Han, EHESS, Paris, France

Max Erik Rohde and Sundaram David, The University of Auckland, New Zealand

Al Azali Ralla, University of Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain

McIntyre Susan and Kate Kaminska, Defence Research and Development Canada - Centre for Security Science, CANADA

Al Hussain Ahmed and Charles Bixler, George Washington University, USA

Md Saad Nor Hasliza, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia; Rose Alinda Alias and Azizah Abdul Rahman, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia; Malaysia

Al-Dujaili Mohammed, The University of Manchester, UK

Mertins Kai and Sven Wuscher, Fraunhofer IPK, Germany

Alipour Farhad, Ismi Arif Bin Ismail, Khairuddin B Idris and Anak Uli Jegak, UPM, Malaysia

Miller Kristel, Sandra Moffett, Rodney McAdam and Michael Brennan, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland 

Al-Shawabkeh Abdallah, University of Greenwich, UK;  Aleksanadr Kofinas and Mike Sharp

Mirkazemi Mood Mohammad, University of Tehran, Iran; Farhad Daneshgar, University of Technology Sydney, Australia; Mona Mirkazemi Mood, University of Windsor; Canada, Nima Sarabi, University of Tehran, Iran

Ambarin Khan, Manchester Business School, UK

Mokhtari Moughari Ali, Tehran university, Iran; Hamed Khosravi,  Iran

Amende Nadine, Chair of Business Computing II, Germany

Momeni Seyed Maisam, Mahmoud Moradi and Mohammad Rahim Ramazanian, University of Guilan; Iran

Ammann Eckhard, Reutlingen University, Germany

Moravcik Oliver, Dagmar Caganova and Jana Stefankova, Faculty of Materials Science and Technology of Slovak University of Technology; Slovakia

Andrea , Fehér Péter and Varga Krisztián, Corvinus University of Budapest, Department of Information Systems; Hungary

Moreira Fernando, University Portucalense, Portugal; João Varajão, University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal; José Silva, EGP – University of Porto Business School; Portugal, Marco Bailão, EGP – University of Porto Business School, Portugal

Andreeva Tatiana and Tatiana Gavrilova, Graduate School of Management, St.Petersburg State University, Russia

Mourad Chouki, Paris Ouest University, France

Ansari Fazel, Patrick Uhr and Madjid Fathi, Institute of Knowledge Based Systems,University of Siegen, Germany

Mullally Martina and Valerie Brett, Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland; James Carr, University of Aberystwyth; Wales, Bill O'Gorman, Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland

Ansari Manouchehr, University of Tehran, Iran; Hossein Rahmany Youshanlouei, Member of Youg Researchers Club & University of Tehran, Iran; Mohammad Mirkazemi Mood and Nima Sarabi, University of Tehran, Iran

Muresan Mihaela, Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University, Romania

Antonova Albena, Sofia University, Bulgaria; Anandasivakumar Ekambaram, SINTEF, Norway

Nahavandi Bijan, Tarbiat Modares University, Iran; Reza Farahi, research institute of petroleum industry, Iran; Allahverdi Taghavi, Pars Six Sigma Excellence Institute; Iran, Navid Jafarinejad, Tarbiat Modares University, Iran

Antonova Albena, Sofia University, Bulgaria; Aniko Csepregi, University of Pannonia, Hungary

Najmaei Arash, MGSM, Australia

Aramburu Nekane and Josune Saenz, University of Deusto, Spain; Carlos Blanco, National Ministry of Education, Colombia

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Arias Oscar, Universidad de Medellín, Colombia

Nassourou Mohamadou, University of Würzburg, Germany

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Nazem Fattah, Islamic Azad University Roudehen Branch, Iran

Asgharpour Seyed Esmaeil, Islamic Azad University of Shahre-Rey, Iran; Gholamreza Taleghani, University of Tehran, Iran

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Benitez Didiosky and Dalgys Pérez, Central University "Marta Abreu" Of Las Villas, Cuba; Frederik Questier and Chang Zhu, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

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Blagov Evgeny, Graduate School of Management of St.Petersburg State University, Russian Federation

Orhei Loredana, West University Timisoara, Romania

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Burja Camelia and Vasile Burja, University "1 Decembrie 1918" of Alba Iulia, Romania

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Burlea Schiopoiu Adriana, University of Craiova, Romania

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Cadez Simon and Vlado Dimovski, Faculty of Economics, Slovenia

Pirveisyani Galavizh, Islamic Azad University-Sanandaj Branch, Iran; Saeed Sadeghi Broujerdi, University of Kurdistan, Iran; Salah Naghshbandi, Razi University of Kermanshah; Iran

Caganova Dagmar, Jana Sujanova and Milos Cambal, Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of Materials Science and Technology; Slovakia

Pomazalova Nataša, University of Defence, Czech Republic

Calza Francesco, Università degli Studi di napoli "Parthenope", Italy; Rossella Canestrino and Chiara Cannavale

Poorkavoos Meysam and Yanqing Duan, University of Bedfordshire, UK; John Edwards, Aston University; UK

Cárdenas José Manuel and Mauro Spinola, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Popescu Mihaela and Radu Rosu, Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania

Castiaux Annick and Julie Hermans, University of Namur, Belgium

Popescu Nela, Academy of Economic Studies from Bucharest, Romania

Cavaliere Vincenzo and Daria Sarti, Department of Business Administration - University of Florence, Italy

Popov Evgeny, Maxim Vlasov and Anna Veretenikova, Institute of Economics; Russia

Cegarra-Navarro Juan Gabriel and Mª Eugenia Sánchez-Vidal, Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, Spain; David Cegarra-Leiva, Universidad de Murcia; Spain

Popov Evgeny, Maxim Vlasov and Marina Zubareva, Institute of Economics; Russia

Chao Emmanuel, Agder University, Norway

Radu Florin, Valentin Radu, Loredana Gabriela Daus and Silviana Ecaterina Marin, University Valahia of Targoviste, Romania

Chen Huei-Fang and Yi-Wen Lin, Soochow University, Taiwan

Rahimi Farnaz, Alzahra University, Iran; Mohamad Ebrahim Maroosi, Tarbiyat Moalem University, Iran

Ciocan Maria Cecilia, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Faculty of Cibernetics, Romania; Ioan Ciocan

Rahmani Youshanloui Kamal addin, Azad univeresity of Tabriz, Iran; Farhad Daneshgar, University of Technology Sydney, Australia; Nima Sarabi, University of Tehran; Iran, Hossein Rahmany Youshanlouei, University of Tehran, Iran

Cotora Liviu, Integrator, Romania

Rahmany Youshanlouei Hossein, Manouchehr Ansari, Nima Sarabi and Mohammad Mirkazemi Mood, University of Tehran, Iran

Covarrubias Venegas Barbara, FHWien University of Applied Sciences, Austria; Barbarfa Geyer-Hayden, HowKnow e.U., Austria

Rajabion liLa, Penn State University, U.S,A; Jafar Zanganeh, Isfahan University, Iran

Cronk Reet, Harding University, USA

Ramezani Kalshami Raheleh, Magfa, Iran; Alireza Hasanzadeh,  Davood Vahdat and Shahriar Abdollah Pournajdi, Magfa, Iran

Csepregi Anikó, Zoltán Gaál and Lajos Szabó and Nóra Obermayer-Kovács, University of Pannonia, Hungary

Ranjpour Maryam and Masoud Yaghini, Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran; Farid Yousefi, Khaje Nasir University, Iran

Daneshgar Mohamad, Parsian Bank, Iran; Marziye Ehrami, IIES, Iran

Rinaldi Anna, University of Bari, Italy

Dannemann Stefanie, self-employed, Swityerland

Ristovska Milena and Michael Stankosky, The George Washington University, SEAS, USA

De Angelis Cristiano, Minho University, Portugal

Robescu Valentina Ofelia, Ionut Barbu and Valentin Llie, Valahia University of Targoviste; Romania

de Viron Françoise, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium; Thomas Lederer, Alain Vas and Tanguy De Jaegere

Rodriguez Eduardo, IQAnalytics, Canada; John Edwards, Aston Business School, UK; Angel Facundo, IQAnalytics; Colombia

Dobre Iuliana, Petroleum-Gas University Ploiesti, Informatics Department, Romania; Cristina Niculescu, Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Romanian Academy, Romania

Romiti Anna and Daria Sarti, University of Florence, Italy

Durisova Libuse, Faculty of Management and Economics , Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic

Saad Inès, Amiens School of Management, France

Easa Nasser, University of Stirling, Business&Marketing Division, UK

Sadati Rahim and Hamidreza Delavari, Mazandaran University, Iran; Mohsen Akbarzadeh and Ali Fahravandi, Islamic Azad University, Iran

Easa Nasser and Robin Fincham, University of Stirling, Stirling Management School, UK

Saeedikiya Mehrzad, Shiraz Payam-e-Noor University, Iran; Younes Jabbarzadeh

Eckenhofer Eva and Tomas Bata University Zlin (Faculty of Management and Economics), Czech Republic

Sagsan Mustafa and Behiye Cavusoglu, Near East University, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Edoun Emmanuel Innocents, The University of the Witswatersrand, South Africa

Saito Yasuo, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

Ekambaram Anandasivakumar and Agnar Johansen, SINTEF - Technology and Society, Norway

Salavati Adel, Islamic Azad University-Sanandaj branch, Iran; Kayvan Ahmadi, Electric Distribution Company, Iran

El-Den Jamal, Charles Darwin University, Australia and Xu Zhou, Wuhan University of Technology, China

Salavati Sarcheshmeh bahram, Department of Business Economics & Management, Advanced School of Economics, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy

Elenurm Tiit, Estonian, Estonia

Salavati Sarcheshmeh Bahram, Department of Business Economics & Management, Advanced School of Economics, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy; Masoumeh Maddah, Graduate School in Social, Economic and Political Sciences, University of Milan, Italy; Vahid Zarrabi, Department of Strategic Socio-Economic Studies, ICT Research Center of ACECR; Iran

Elshaiekh Nour Eldin, Future University Sudan, Sudan; Khalid Ibrahim, Karary University, Sudan; Fahima Mchulla, Future University Sudan, Sudan

Salleh Kalsom, University Technology MARA, Malaysia

Enakimio Isaac and Abdallah Al-Shawabkeh, University of Greenwich, UK

Salleh Kalsom, University Technology MARA, Malaysia; Ching Choo Huang, University Technology MARA, Malaysia

Erouk Mohamed, Information and Decision Support Center, Egypt, Egypt

Säntti Risto, University of Vaasa, Finland

Faghih Mirzaei Somayeh, Taali Qom University, Iran; Mohammad Ali Shafia, IUST, Iran; Iman Raeesi Vanani, University of Tehran (UT); Iran

Sarooghi Hessamoddin and Alireza Amrollahi, Placabi, Iran; Ali Mirshafiee, Sistan & Bluchestan University; Iran

Feyz Mohamad Ali, Faculty of Management,Univarsity of Tehran, Iran; Babak Akhgar, Faculty of ACES, Sheffield Hallam University, Iran; Hamidreza Shahbaznezhad, Faculty of Management,Univarsity of Tehran; Iran

Sarti Daria, University of Florence, ITALY

Fiechter Carolin A., Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany

Savescu Dan, Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania; Mihaela-Georgia Sima, CCIB, Romania; Simona-Clara Barsan, ICIA, Romania

Franek Jiri, VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Economics, Czech Republic; Eva Grublova, Moravská Vysoká Skola Olomouc, Czech Republic,  , ,

Scarlat Cezar and Catalina Daraban, University "Politehnica" of Bucharest, Romania

Frankl Gabriele, Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, Austria

Scarso Enrico, Ettore Bolisani and Marco Paiola, University of Padua, ITALY

Gagne Charles, Louis Lazure, Elise Ledoux and  Sylvie Ouellet, Institut de recherche Robert-Sauve en sante et en securite du travail (IRSST), Canada

Schebesch Klaus Bruno, Vasile Goldis Western University Arad, Romania

Ghaheri Razieh and Abdi Masoumeh, Shahid Beheshti University, Iran; Manijeh Ahmadi, Allameh Tabatabaee University, Iran

Schmidt Benedikt and Todor Stoitsev, SAP Research, Germany; Max Mühlhäuser, TU Darmstad, Germany

Ghasemi Hossein, Mehdi Shami Zanjani and Mohammad Mousakhani, University of Tehran, Iran

Schmidt Stephanie, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Ghazizadeh Fereshteh, University Technology Malaysia, Malaysia

Schneider Alexander and Alexander Steinhoff, Technische Universität München, Germany

Ghodselahi Ahmad, Tarbiat Modares University, Iran; Ashkan Amirmadhi, Islamic Azad University (Tehran Science and Research Branch), Iran

Semmelrock-Picej Maria Theresia, biztec Klagenfurt University, Austria

Giraldo Marin Lillyana María, Jenny Martinez Crespo and Jose Alfredo Vasquez Paniagua, Universidad de Medellin; Colombia, Luis Joyanes Aguilar, Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, España

Senivongse Chulatep and Benjamaporn Boonsiriya, PTT Exploration & Production Plc., Thailand

Golmakani Safieh, Khorasan Razavi Gas Organization, Iran; Mohammad Ebrahim Maroosi, Iran

Sequeira Camilo Augusto and Eloi Fernández y Fernández, Catholic University Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Gondo Tendayi and Edmore Kori, University of Venda, South Africa

Shafiepour Motlagh Farhad, Islamic Azad University of Iran(Mahallat Branch), Iran

González Piñero Manel and Elena López Cano, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain

Shahmoradi Mohammad reza, Shiraz University, Iran; Babak Akhgar, Sheffield Hallam University, England;  , ; ,  , ,

Govender Loganathan Narayansamy and Sathasivan Perumal, University of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

Shakina Elena and Anna Bykova, State University - Higher School of Economics, Russia

Graca Nebojsa and Ana Lucija Gojakovic, Independent scientific researcher, Serbia

Shami Zanjani Mehdi, University of Tehran, Iran; Hamid Rahimian and Farnoosh Alami, University of Allameh Tabatabay'I, Iran

Griffiths Paul and David Richard, The Birchman Group, Chile

Shatalebi Badri and Maryam Beigi, Islamic Azad University, Iran

Gross Nina and Annette Kluge, University of Duisburg-Essen, Business/Organizational Psychology, Germany; Gabriele von Ende and Thomas Schneeberger, Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann, Germany

Shimada Sakura, Paris Dauphine University, France

Grosse Kathoefer David, University of Muenster, Institute of Business Administration at the Department of Chemsitry and Pharmacy, Germany; Jens Leker, University of Muenster, Institute of Business Administration at the Department of Chemsitry and Pharmacy, Germany

Shojaei Marziye, Islamic Azad University, Khorasgan Brench,Isfahan, Iran; Mehdi Abzari, Economy and Administrative Sciences Faculty in Isfahan University, Iran

Gubbins Claire and Grainne Kelly, Dublin City University, Ireland; Cecile Emery, London School of Economics; UK; Lawrence Dooley, University College Cork, Ireland

Siachou Evangelina and Sofia Daskou, Hellenic American University, Greece; Peter Yannopolous, Brock University; Canada

Guerra Oscar and Janeth Rojas, Ecopetrol S.A., Colombia

Sihvo Päivi, North Carelia University of Applied Sciences, Finland; Arttu Puhakka, University of Eastern Finland, Finland; Katja Väyrynen, the Adult Education Centre of North Karelia; Finland

Haag Markus, University of Bedfordshire, Germany; Yanqing Duan, University of Bedfordshire, UK

Sima Mihaela-Georgia, Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Romania; Dan Savescu

Habermann Frank, Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany; Jörg Fehlinger, Becota - The Berlin Consulting & Talent Association, Germany; Karen Schmidt, Becota - The Berlin Consulting & Talent Association; Germany

Srinivas Shyamala, Middle East College of Information Technology, Sultanate of Oman; Shridhar Devidas, RasGas, Qatar

Handzic Meliha and Kurhat Ozlen, International Burch University, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Stanescu Ioana and Antoniu Stefan, Advanced Technology Systems, Romania

Heavin Ciara and Frederic Adam, UCC, Ireland

Suciu Marta-Christina, Alexandru Ghitiu Bratescu and Cristina Bolocan Protopopescu, Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest; Romania

Heinze Priscilla, Potsdam University, Germany

Suciu Marta-Christina, Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, Romania; Klaus Bruno Schebesch,  , Germany; Corina Mirabela Grigore and Valentin Serb, Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, Romania

Heldal Ilona and Kaj Sunesson, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Suciu Marta-Christina, Luciana Piciorus, Cosmin Imbrisca and Alexandru Ghitiu-Bratescu, Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, Romania

Helms Remko and V. de Jong, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Sunesson Kaj and Ilona Heldal, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Herciu Mihaela and Claudia Ogrean, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania

Sutan Ahmad Nawi Haslinda, Universiti Industri Selangor, Malaysia; Azizah Abdul Rahman and Othman Ibrahim, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia; Malaysia

Hoel Tore, Oslo University College, Norway; Jan M. Pawlowski, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Suzana Basaruddin and Haryani Haron, UiTM, Malaysia

Infante Abreu Marta Beatriz, Polytechnic University of Habana (Cujae), Cuba; Florian Matthes and Alexander Steinhoff, Technische Universität München; Germany

Taleghani Gholamreza, University of Tehran, Iran; Seyed Esmaeil Asgharpour, Islamic Azad University of Shahre-Rey, Iran

Izunwanne Pamela, University of Agder, Norway

Taraba Pavel and Petr Krenar, Thomas Bata University in Zlin/Faculty of Management and Economics, Czech Republic

Jaeger Boris, jaege rWM, Germany

Telnov Yury, Natalia Tikhomirova, Vladimir Tikhomirov and Valentina Maksimova, Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics, Russia

Jafari Moghadam Saeed, University of Tehran, Iran

Tislerova Kamila, University of Jan Evangelista Purkyne, Czech Republic

Janke Thomas, SAP Research, Germany

Tittmann Claudia and Christian-Andreas Schumann, University of Applied Sciences Zwickau, Germany

Jooss Claudia, Florian Welter, Anja Richert and Sabina Jeschke, IMA - Institute of Information Management in Mechanical Engineering & ZLW - Center for Learning and Knowledge Management & IfU - Institute for Management Cybernetics, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Tolga Medeni, Cankaya University, Turkey; Medeni Tunc Durmu, Turksat, Turkey

Kahlon Ravinder Singh and Man-Chie Tse, Middlesex University, UK

Tomé Eduardo, Universidade Lusiada, Portugal

Kaiser Alexander and Martin Muchitsch, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

Tunç Durmu, Turksat, Turkey; Medeni Tolga, Cankaya University, Turkey

Kajzar Patrik and Petra Macháková, Silesian University in Opava, School of Business Administration in Karvina, Czech Republic

Vahedi Majid, Payame Noor University, Khoy ,Iran

Kannan Selvi, Victoria University, Australia

Vaidya Pratichi, Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway

Kern Eva-Maria and Wendelin Schmid, Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany; Julia Boppert, trilogIQa - Prozesse. Wissen. Schulung, Germany

Vajjhala Narasimha Rao and Gezim Rojba, University of New York Tirana, Albania

Kharabsheh Radwan, Hashemite University, Jordan; Ihab Magableh, The German-Jordan University, Jordan; Sukina Al-Sawadha, Hashemite University; Jordan

Van der Merwe Johann, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa

Kianto Aino, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland; Tatiana Andreeva, St.Petersburg State University, Russia; Xing Shi, Lappeenranta University of Technology; Finland

Vasquez Paniagua Jose Alfredo, Universidad de Medellin, Colombia

Kirilkina Olga, State University - Higher School of Economics, Russia

Vatan-Doost Babak, Placabi, Iran

Kislov Roman, Manchester Business School, UK

Velasco Berta, Institute of Heart Sciences (ICICOR), Spain; José María Eiros, University of Valladolid, Spain; José María Pinilla, Regional Health Ministry; Spain, José Alberto San Roman, Institute of Heart Sciences (ICICOR), Spain

Kofinas Alexander and Abdallah Al-Shawabkeh, University of Greenwich, UK

Vinke Joop, HAN University for Applied Science, The Netherlands

Krajnovic Sinisa, Ericsson Hungary, Hungary

Vinke Joop, HAN University for Applied Science, The Netherlands; Loredana Orhei, West University Timisoara, Romania

Kubíková Martina and Petr Krenar, Thomas Bata University in Zlin/Faculty of Management and Economics, Czech Republic

Weber Edzard, Gergana Vladova, Priscilla Heinze and Christof Thim, University of Potsdam, Chair for Business Information System and Electronic Government, Germany

Lage Esther, Lisbon University Institute - Addetti Research Center, Portugal; Antônio Luiz Marques, Alexandre Carrieri and Bráulio Alturas

Woll Simon, Catholic University Eichstaett-Ingolstadt, Germany

Lo Tony K M, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK

Yoo Choonbae (Paul), Igor Hawryszkiewycz and Kyeong-Soon Kang, University of Technology, Sydney; Australia

Lortie Monique, UQAM, Canada; Lise Desmarais, University of Sherbrooke, Canada

Young John, RMIT University Australia, Australia

Maalaoui Adnane, ESG management school, France

Zamzami Ikhlas and Hanan Fatani, Malaysia

Mandruleanu Anca, Academy of Economic Studies, Romania





Papers presented at the conference will be published in the conference proceedings, subject to author registration and payment. The proceedings have an ISBN and ECKM conference proceedings are listed on the Thomson Reuters ISI Index to Social Sciences & Humanities Proceedings (ISSHP) and the Thomson Reuters ISI Index to Social Sciences & Humanities Proceedings (ISSHP/ISI Proceedings)

Selected papers from the conference will be considered for publication in a special issue of the Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management.
The journal is rated level 1 in the Danish Government bibliometric lists. The latest issue of the journal is available to read online.

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