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ECKM 2010
2-3 September, Famalic„o, Portugal
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Dr. Rosa Moreira

Rosa Moreira is the Rector of Universidade Lusíada de Vila Nova de Famalicão and holds a Doctor of Philosophy having presented the thesis The Logic of the Intentional Causation at the Society in the philosophy of John Searle, with the rank of Magna cum Laude, unanimously (2002), at the Portuguese Catholic University. Dr. Rosa Moreira has a strong interest in Arts and the artistic world, particularly in Music. She made a specialization in music teaching, centered on musictherapy. Since becoming a rector in 2005, Dr  Rosa Moreira has not ceased her teaching and scientific activity, and has had a very intense activity promoting the University in Portugal and abroad.


Rosa Moreira


Dr. Rui Silva
Rui is the Director CLEGI (Centro Lusiada de Engenharia e Gestão Industrial). Rui Silva obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Electronics and Computing Engineering at the University of Glamorgan (UK). He is the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of Universidade Lusíada at Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal. He is also the Director o CLEGI, a Research Centre that focuses its work in the fields of Engineering and Industrial Management. His research centres on the development of intelligent systems with industrial monitoring capabilities, with an emphasis on Information Retrieval and Assessment in a technology based approach. He is author and co-author of international publications mainly in the fields of Artificial Intelligence. 


Rui Silva


Dr. Eduardo Tomé
Eduardo concluded a PhD in Economics with a thesis on the European Social Fund in 2001 also at the Technical University in Lisbon. His main research interests are Social Policy and Human Resources / Knowledge Management / Intellectual Capital He already published papers in International Refereed Journals as the Journal of Intellectual Capital, the Journal of European Industrial Training, the International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy, and the International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management. Since 2001 he has presented papers in around 4 international conferences every year.

Eduardo Tomé


John S Edwards
John is Professor of Operational Research and Systems at Aston Business School, Birmingham, U.K. His interest has always been in how people can and do (or do not) use models and systems to help them do things. At present principal research interests include how knowledge affects risk management, investigating knowledge management strategy and its implementation; and the relevance of technology to knowledge management.  He has published more than 50 articles in refereed journals, and is editor of the journal Knowledge Management Research & Practice.


John Edwards


David Gurteen
David has over 30 years’ experience working in high technology industries. Today, he works as an independent knowledge management advisor, facilitator and speaker, helping people to innovate and to work more effectively together. He is the founder of the Gurteen Knowledge Community - a global learning network of over 17,000 people in 154 countries.  Community members receive his free monthly Knowledge Letter that is now in its 10th year. David publishes the Gurteen Knowledge Website – a resource website that contains book reviews, articles, people profiles, event calendars, inspirational quotations, an integral weblog and more on subjects that include knowledge management, learning, creativity and innovation

He is a frequent speaker and facilitator and presents on various aspects of knowledge management and social learning. He is well known for his Gurteen Knowledge Cafés and Knowledge Café Masterclasses that he runs regularly in London and in other cities around the world. In June 2010, David won then Ark Group’s lifetime achievement award for services to KM. For most of his career David was a professional software development manager and in the late 80s worked for Lotus Development as "International Czar" where he was responsible for ensuring that Lotus products were designed for the global marketplace. 


David Gurteen


Nigel Holden
Nigel is Director of the Institute of International Business at Lancashire Business School (University of Central Lancashire, UK), where he is Professor of Cross-Cultural Management. He has held professorships in Denmark (1997-2001) and Germany (2002-2004) and holds visiting professorships at universities in Austria, Denmark and Thailand. In 2008 he was described by the International Journal of Cross Cultural Management as having ‘influenced a generation of scholars in Europe and North America with his work on knowledge management, and perhaps his alternative approach to the well trodden paths of cross-national values research.’ He has co-authored management books on Japan (1994) and Russia (1998), and his acclaimed Cross-cultural management: A knowledge management perspective (2002) has appeared in Chinese and Russian versions. His latest book, co-authored with Martin Glisby, is Creating knowledge advantage: the tacit dimensions of international competition and cooperation. In 2009 he was an adviser to UNIDO and consultant to the IAEA on knowledge management issues and was invited in 2010 to join the Advisory Board Ikujiro Nonaka Centre for Knowledge Management at IESE Business School in Spain. In 2008 he formed Glisby Holden and Associates, a consultancy concerned with enabling companies to exploit tacit knowledge in their international networks.

Nigel Holden


Dr. Christiaan D. Stam
Christiaan is Associate Professor at the
Centre for Research in Intellectual Capital at INHolland University of Applied Sciences. Central themes in his work are knowledge management, intellectual capital measurement and knowledge productivity. The latter topic was the subject of his Ph.D. thesis (2007), which was a joint initiative of INHOLLAND University and de Baak - Management Centre of the Dutch Federation of Industries. Before becoming a scholar, he was a consultant in the fields of knowledge management and intellectual capital measurement. He wrote several books and many articles.

Christiaan Stam


Dr. Nuno Carlos Leitão
Nuno is Adjunct Professor at ESGTS, Polytechnic Institute of Santarém, Portugal and Research at CES, University of Coimbra; PhD. in Economics,  Lusíada University of Lisbon (2008); Master degree in International Economics, ISEG, Technical University of Lisbon (2002); Member of Scientific board of several scientific reviews. He has already published papers in international refereed journals. 

Nuno Carlos Leitão


Dr. Elena Irina Neaga

Elena is a researcher within Systems Engineering Research Division of the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering from Loughborough University, Leicestershire, United Kingdom. She has pursued research on knowledge management strategies, analytics and interoperable systems addressing resilience, management of complexity and risks as well as information and web infrastructure protection. She worked in manufacturing industry, research consortia, and higher education in Romania, United Kingdom, Canada, and The Netherlands. She has contributed to the European funded research and large interdisciplinary projects funded by UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, and industrial companies from North America and Europe.

Elena Irina Neaga


Branislav Malagurski
Branislav was born 18 01 1956 in Subotica. He studied at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb, where he graduated, attained master and doctoral degrees. He specialized competition law on Max-Planck Institute für Patent-, Urheber-und Wettbewebsrecht in Munich, international law at the Institute of Comparative Law in Lausanne, international management at Tilburg University, The Netherlands and Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA. Since 2005. he teaches international law as assistant professor in the Department of  International law of the Faculty of Law in Osijek. He practices regional development at Regional Development Centre in Subotica, having implemented number of international projects.

Branislav Malagurski


Dr.Kalsom Salleh

Kalsom is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Accountancy, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam, Malaysia. She is also a registered Chartered Accountant as well as an appointed council member with Malaysian Institute of Accountants. Besides her teaching activities, her research areas of interest include Knowledge Management, Intellectual Capital and Electronic Government. She had presented and published many of her research papers
on knowledge management in public sector organisations at international conferences and for journal articles and book chapters.


Kalsom Salleh


Elizabeth Real de Oliveira
Elizabeth is Dean of the Faculty in Economics and Business Studies of Universidade Lusíada de Vila Nova Famalicão. Member of CLEGI – Centre for Research in Engineering and Industrial Management she researches in the fields of sustainability, Business Strategy and Innovation, and Knowledge Management. She is also a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal Economia & Gestão, associated to "Business Source Complete". Founding member of the Research Centre for Sustainability “Observatório de Crescimento e Sustentabilidade”.

Elizabeth Real de Oliveira


Kirsimarja Blomqvist
Kirsimarja is a Professor for Knowledge management and a Vice-director for Technology Business Research Center at Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland. Her research interests include trust, knowledge management, innovation,  as well as inter- and intra-organizational collaboration. Her research on trust, innovation and networks has been published in  several international journals and books. At ECKM 2010 she is especially interested to learn about knowlege transfer and trust in service business.


Kirsimarja Blomqvist


Dr.Anssi Smedlund
Anssi is a Senior Researcher at Aalto University School of Science and Technology, Helsinki, Finland. His research focuses on social aspects of knowledge management and networks in service business. He is specially interested in social capital and social network analysis methods. At ECKM 2010 his aims are to learn mechanism for knowledge transfer in service business.



Anssi Smedlund


Dr.Tatiana Andreeva
Tatiana is a Senior Lecturer at the Organizational behavior and Human Resources Management Department and a co-director of research Center for Global Strategy and Innovation, Graduate School of Management (GSOM), St.Petersburg State University, Russia. She received her Master in International Business and Ph.D. in Economics at the same school.  Dr. Andreeva is currently involved in teaching, research and management consulting. Her key research interests are knowledge management, change management, and cross-cultural issues in management. 

Tatiana Andreeva


Dr Ettore Bolisani
Ettore obtained a degree in Electronic Engineering ("Laurea") and a Ph.D. in Innovation Studies at the University of Padua (Italy). He is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Padua. Prior to this position, he was Assistant Professor at the University of Trieste (Italy) and, in 1997, research fellow at PREST (University of Manchester - UK). His research centres on technology assessment and technology management, with an emphasis on Information and Communication Technologies and knowledge management. He has worked in several research projects funded by the European Union, by Italian public institutions, and private organisations as well. Ettore is Editor of “Building the Knowledge Society on the Internet: Sharing and Exchanging Knowledge in Networked Environment” (2008), published by IGI Global.


Ettore Bolisani


Dr Enrico Scarso
Enrico holds  a degree in Electronic Engineering and a Ph.D. degree in Industrial Innovation at the University of Padua. He is currently Associate Professor of Engineering Management at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Padua. His research interests are in the area of economics and management of new technologies, and knowledge management. He has published in several journals and has presented various papers at international conferences. He has actively participated in important public (national and international) and private research projects. Enrico is member of IAMOT (International Association for Management of Technology) and IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - Engineering Management Society).


Enrico Scarso


Dr Charles Despres

Charles Despres obtained his doctorate from the University of Utah (USA) by working on the organising implications of large-scale information systems. His subsequent research has centred on the triad of information, organisation and culture, and since 1997 his academic and professional career has concentrated on the emerging field of Knowledge Management. He joined IMD (Lausanne, Switzerland) in 1991 as an ABD Research Fellow, completed his doctoral work and moved to the south of France four years later to assume research / professorial roles at the Institute d’Administration des Entreprises, Aix-en-Provence and the Theseus Institute (Sophia Antipolis). Charles was Professor of Organisation and Director of International Development at the Graduate School of Business, Marseille-Provence from 1997 - 2002. In 2003 he joined the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers in Paris as Director of Programs at its International Institute of Management. He has authored around 75 articles, chapters, monographs, grants or proceedings, and co-authored two books, Leveraged Innovation (Macmillan, 1998, with F. Bidault & C. Butler) and Knowledge Horizons (Butterworth-Heinemann, 2000, with D. Chauvel).

Charles Despres


Bernard Marr
Bernard Marr is one of the world’s leading experts on strategic performance management. In this capacity he has advised and worked with many leading organisations including Accenture, Astra Zeneca, the Bank of England, Barclays, BP, DHL, Fujitsu, Gartner, HSBC, Mars, the Ministry of Defence, the Home Office, Tetley, the Royal Air Force, and Royal Dutch Shell. He has extensive work experience in private companies, public sector organisations, and governments across North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, which makes him an acclaimed keynote speaker, consultant, teacher, and award-winning writer. In its recent article ‘wise guys’ the CEO Journal recognised Bernard Marr as one of today’s leading business brains. Having gained management experience in consulting, manufacturing and international trading corporations, Bernard Marr moved to the Judge Institute of Management Studies at the University of Cambridge, and then to the renowned Cranfield School of Management where he was a member of faculty for nearly ten years before he took on his current role as Chief Executive and Director of Research of the Advanced Performance Institute.

Bernard Marr has contributed to over 200 books, reports, and articles on topics such as Corporate Performance Management, Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Maps, and Intangible Assets. He is the author of the recent books: 'Strategic Performance Management', 'Perspectives on Intellectual Capital', 'Weighing the Options: BSC Software', and 'Automating your Scorecard'.

Bernard’s expert comments on performance management have been used in a range of high-profile publications including in the Financial Times, the Sunday Times, Financial Management, the CFO magazine and the Wall Street Journal. Bernard also holds various visiting professorships and is a member of the editorial board at the Business Strategy Series as well as for many leading academic journals in the field. Bernard Marr can be contacted via e-mail at


Bernard Marr


Dr Jose M. Viedma
Jose M. Viedma is a Doctor of Industrial Engineering, a Graduate in Economics and Professor of Business Administration at the U.P.C., Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain. He teaches on the subject of knowledge management, intellectual capital management and organisational learning.  He has held top executive positions in computer services and management consultancy firms.  He is the president of “Intellectual Capital Management Systems”, the founding partner of “ M & A Fusiones y Adquisiciones” and  the Independent Director of Interlace.  He is a regular speaker in International conferences and congresses on Knowledge and Intellectual Capital Management such as World Congress on Intellectual Capital and Innovation and European Conference on Knowledge Management. His current field of research and interest is focused on knowledge management and intellectual capital management and he has consulted and developed management frameworks and systems world wide on those matters. More information is available in the web-sites:


Jose M. Viedma


Roy Williams
Roy Williams develops and manages e-learning and knowledge management for the University of Portsmouth, and for w.w associates in Reading, both in the U.K. His research includes the practical design development of knowledge and e-learning systems, the theory of knowledge and knowledge management, discourse analysis and semiotics, and the application of discourse analysis and complex adaptive systems theories to management and development issues. He is actively involved in the European Conferences on e-learning and Knowledge Management, and edits the Electronic Journal of e-learning. He has held posts of Visiting Professor of Education, Professor and Chair of Communication, and Executive Board Member and CEO of the South African Broadcast Regulator. He has also worked extensively in international development in literacy, distance education, media, HIV/AIDS, and national and international policy

Roy Williams










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