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ECEL 2012
26-27 October, Groningen, The Netherlands
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Conference Programme for the 11th European Conference on e-Learning ECEL 2012



The programme for the conference is given below. This programme may be subject to change

A .pdf version of this timetable is available in the download section at the top of the At a Glance web page.

In order to protect the double blind peer review process the early preliminary programme is colour coded as follows



Friday 26 October


Stream A thru E


Posters and WIP


Saturday 27 October


Stream A thru E





Thursday 25 October 2012


In the University of Groningen Hanzesocieteit
Pre-Conference registration and welcome drink  (from 1830-2100)

Friday 26 October: 08:30-12:45


Room: In the Lobby of the Academy Building
Registration and coffee


Room: Academy Building: A21
Welcome from the conference chair:
Professor Dr. Cees Smit Sibinga


Welcome greeting from Professor Dr. Sibrand Poppema, President of the Board of the University of Groningen
Introduction to the Keynote Speaker by the Programme Chair Dr Hans Beldhuis


Keynote address: Professor Dr. Eric Mazur, Area Dean of Applied Physics, Balkanski Professor of Physics and of Applied Physics, Harvard University, USA
Confessions of a Converted Lecturer


Conference splits into parallel sessions



Room - A2
Stream A:
OER: resource development
Wijnand Aalderink

Room - A3
Stream B:
Social Media in e-Learning
Regine Reincke

Room - A7
Stream C:
Electronic Assessment: self and peer assessment
Sake Jager

Room - A8
Stream D:
Didactics and e-Learning: Peer Instruction
Natasa Brouwer-Zupancic

Room - A12
Stream E:
Other: literacy skills
Andrea Benn


Applying the Prototyping Methodology to Develop a Student Centred, Integrated E-Learning Resource
Stewart Iain, William McKee, James Devon, Malcolm Allan and David Harrison, Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland, UK

Democratizing Knowledge Construction - The Promise of Web 2.0: A Historical Perspective
Raddaoui Ali, University of Wyoming, Laramie, USA

University preparation via Self-e-Assessment & Self-Study:  First Findings and Implications from Evaluating an e-Learning Platform
Derr Katja, Reinhold Hübl, Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mannheim, Germany and Mohammed Zaki Ahmed, University of Plymouth, UK

Introduction to Positive Psychology: Blending Interactive Behaviour in e-Lectures in a Private University
Mah Ngee Lee, University of Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kampar Campus, Malaysia

"Why should I?" Engaging Learners in Digital Literacy Skills Development
Hall Marion, Ingrid Nix and Kirsty Baker, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK


Materials Development in Language Training: Online ourse of Military English
Cechova Ivana, Dana Zerzanova and Jana Berankova University of Defence, Bron, Czech Republic

Challenges in Extending the Virtual Learning Environment into Social Networks - Keeping Staff and Students Together
Saward Guy, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield UK

Peer to Peer: The Full Cycle: Investigating Online Peer Assessment through Action Research
Fotheringham Julia and Elaine Mowat, Edinburgh Napier University, UK

Experiences with use of Various Pedagogical Methods utilizing a Student Response System
Arnesen Ketil, Guri Sivertsen Korpås, Jon Eirik Hennissen and John Birger Stav, Sør-Trøndelag University College, Trondheim, Norway

The Efficacy of E-Learning for Information Retrieval Skills in Medical Education
Schilling Katherine, Indiana University, Indianapolis, USA


New Module for Statistical Evaluation in LMS Moodle
Magdin Martin and Martin Cápay, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia

E-learning and Social Media in Higher Education with an Interactional Approach
Ding Fan, Stenden University of Applied Science, The Netherlands

Peer Review as an Activating Learning Method Within University Education
Katzlinger Elisabeth, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria and Michael Herzog, University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg/Stendal, Germany

Enhancing Second Language Skills Development using Students Response System
Agbatogun Alaba, The University of Edinburgh, UK

“Why bother?” Learner Perceptions of Digital Literacy Skills Development - Learning Design Implications
Nix Ingrid, Marion Hall and Kirsty Baker, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK



“What my Guidance Councillor Should Have Told Me”: The Importance of Universal Access and Exposure to Executive-Level Advice
Rockwell Brittany, Joanne Leck and Catherine Elliott, Telfer School of Management,  Univeristy of Ottowa, Canada, Michael Luthy, Belarmine University, Louisville, USA

Designing and Developing Effective Peer Learning Assessment Services
Stav John, Trond Thorseth and Gabrielle Hansen, Sør-Trøndelag University College, Norway

Improving Student Success Rates through a Semi-Personalized Feedback System
Mosharraf Maedeh, and Fattaneh Taghiyareh, University of Tehran, Iran

Introducing Blended e-Learning Course Design: A Pre-Implementation Assessment of Students’ Basic ICT Skills
Gyamfi Samuel Adu and Thomas Ryberg, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark


Lunch A6
1315-1335: Presentation by peerScholar

Lunch A6
1315-1335: Presentation by peerScholar

Lunch A6
1315-1335: Presentation by peerScholar

Lunch A6
1315-1335: Presentation by peerScholar

Lunch A6
1315-1335: Presentation by peerScholar

Friday afternoon: 13:45 - 16:10





Room - A2

Stream A: OER

Chair: Keith Smythe

Room - A3

Stream B: Social Media in e-Learning

Chair: Jetse Goris

Room - A7

Stream C: Electronic Assessment: automated assessment

Chair: Yta Beetsma

Room - A8

Stream D: Didactics and e-Learning

Chair: Katherine Schilling



"Digital Futures in Teacher Education" Project - Exploring Open Approaches towards Digital Literacy
Gruszczynska Anna, Guy Merchant and Richard Pountney, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

e-Learning Modalities: A framework for Selecting Audio
Mallon Bride, JJ Quinlan and Kieran Nolan, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland

Assess the assessment: An Automated Analysis of Multiple Choice Exams and Test Items
Nettkoven Michaela and Karl Ledermüller, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

Ethnographic sensibility: A Method for Studying Lurking as e-Learning in Social Media
Isomaki Hannakaisa, Ulla Pohjamo and Johanna Silvennoinen, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland



Wiki Strategies for a more Participatory Learning Environment in Czech Education
Dlouhý Jiri and Jana Dlouhá, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

Media Use for Learning by Students in Higher Education: An International Survey
Grosch Michael, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

The Yin/Yang of Innovative Technology Enhanced Assessment for Promoting Student Learning
Hutchings Maggie, Anne Quinney, Vince Clark and Kathleen Galvin, Bournemouth University, UK

Design and Redesign of Online Discussion: Comparison of Lessons Learned
Santiago Rowena, Amy Leh, California State University San Bernardino, USA and Minoru Nakayama, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan



Frame-based Semantic Retrieval of Education Supportive Materials
Tayefeh Mahmoudi Maryam, Fattaneh Taghiyareh, Mohammad Basirati, University of Tehran and Kambiz Badie, Research Institute for ICT, Iran

Interactive Feedback in a Virtual Learning Environment - Video-Skills
Batalla-Busquets Josep Maria, Carolina Hintzmann, Maria Jesus Martínez-Argüelles and Dolors Plana-Erta, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Mark Badia-Miro, Universitat Barcelona, Spain


Three by Three by Three: a Model for E-learning Evaluation
Persico, Donatella  Stefania Manca, Francesca Pozzi
Institute for Educational Technology, National Research Council, Genova, Italy



Refreshments A6

Refreshments A6

Refreshments A6

Refreshments A6

Refreshments A6


Room: A13 (please allow 5 minutes to get to room A13)
Introduction to the Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Koos Winnips (University of Groningen)
Plenary Presentation: by Dan Peters B.A. (Blackboard) and drs. Louwarnoud van der Duim (University of Groningen)
Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai, OER, Flipped Classrooms and the Democratisation of Education



Conference splits into parallel sessions


Friday afternoon: 16:15-17:45



Room - A2
Stream A:
Mel Brown

Room - A3
Stream B:
Social Media in e-Learning
Jetse Goris

Room - A7
Stream C:
Electronic Assessment
Yta Beetsma

Room - A8
Stream D:
Didactics and e-Learning: e-tutoring, training lecturers
Rowena Santiago

Room - A12
Stream E:
Mini-track on computational thinking
Valentina Dagiene


Factors Influencing the Use of Web 2.0 and Free Open Source Software to Optimise E-Learning
Kalema Billy Mathias and Ray Kekwaletswe, Tshwane University of Technology and Oludayo Olugbara, Durban University of Technology, South Africa

The Role of the Smart- board in Improving English Language Skills in Jordanian Universities
Alzu'bi Mohammad, Albalqa Applied University, Jordan

Why and how Academic Staff adopt e-Assessment in a Higher Education Institution (HEI)
Baleni Zwelijongile Gaylard, Walter Sisulu University, South Africa

New Approach for Virtual Master’s Final Projects: Didactic Guidelines for Students and Tutors
Cabrera Nati, Ana Rodera and Montse Guitert, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain

The Role of Computational Thinking and Critical Thinking in Problem Solving in a Learning Environment
Buckley Sheryl, UNISA, Gauteng, South Africa


Rights Management and Technological Protection Measures in the Educational Field
Marques Joaquim and Carlos Serrão, ISCTE/IUL, Portugal

Teaching Diplomatics in a Web 2.0 environment: An Innovative Experience to Promote Interaction among Students from Different Countries and with Different Learning Needs
Ambrosio Antonella, Maura Strian, Corinna Freda  Stefania Fiorentino and Luca Aiello Universityof Naples Federico II, Italy

Online Exams - Practical Implications and Future Directions
Frankl Gabriele and Sofie Bitter, Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, Austria

Higher Education Lecturers Combining Working and Learning - Electronic Teacher Qualification at the University of Groningen
van Kouwenhove Frits, Koos Winnips and Eline Noorbergen, University of Groningen, Netherlands (Non-academic, Presentation only)

A Swarm-based Approach for Adaptive Learning:  Selection of a Dynamic Learning Scenario
Zilinskiene Inga, Valentina Dagiene and Eugenijus Kurilovas, Vilnius University Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Lithuania


e-Learning and Freedom - Mainstreaming e-Diversity in Higher Education
Kolbinger Martin Lu and Gisela Prey, Munich University of Applied Sciences, Germany

A Web 3.0 Mashup to promote the e-learning platform “Unibook”
Kostis Ioannis, Konstantinos Chimos,  Christos Douligeris, Theodoros Karvounidis, Ioannis Katsanakis and Michail Basios, University of Piraeus,  Greece

Employing S-P Diagnostic Table for Online Qualitative Comments on Test Results
Wang Chang-hwa, The Tainan University and  Cheng-Ping Chen, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Training e-Tutors in Romania: Validating the Theory
Goga Maria, Politechnic University of Bucharest, Romania



Close of the Conference day

Close of the Conference day

Close of the Conference day

Close of the Conference day

Close of the Conference day


Conference Dinner at Huize Maas

Saturday 27 October 08:30-12:15


Refreshments Available in A6


Room: Academy Building: A21
Introduction to the Keynote Speaker by the Programme Chair: Dr Hans Beldhuis


Keynote address:  Professor Dr. Fred Mulder, UNESCO Chair in Open Educational Resources, Open Universiteit, The Netherlands
Opening Up Education


Presentation by Melanie Cuissi, SKEMA, France to introduce ECEL 2013 in Sophia Antipolis, France


Refreshments and Poster Presentations
in the Conference Lounge (A10)

Refreshments and Poster Presentations
in the Conference Lounge (A10)

Refreshments and Poster Presentations
in the Conference Lounge (A10)

Refreshments and Poster Presentations
in the Conference Lounge (A10)

Refreshments and Poster Presentations
in the Conference Lounge (A10)


Conference splits into parallel sessions



Room - A2
Stream A:
OER: online courses
Iain Stewart

Room - A3
Stream B:
Social Media in e-Learning
Guy Saward

Room - A7
Stream C:
Electronic Assessment
Anne Quinney

Room - A8
Stream D:
Didactics and e-Learning: evaluation
Catherine Beaton

Room - A12
Stream E:
Mini Track on Changing Roles of Teachers
Sue Greener


Multipurpose e-Learning Course with Moodle Tools: First Steps in Design Research
Villems Anne, Taavi Duvin, University of Tartu and Rudolf Elbrecht, Playtech Estonia, Estonia

Social Software Applications and their Role in the Process of Education from the Perspective of University Students
Černá Miloslava, and Petra Poulová  University of Hradec, Králové, Czech republic

Auto Grading and Providing Formative Feedback to Students on  Documents Submitted Electronically
Al-Yazeedi Fatema and Annette Payne and Timothy Cribbon Brunel University, London, UK

An Evaluation of Online Distance Learning Programmes through the Lens of Students Expectations
Cubric Marija, Karen Clark and Mariana Lilley, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK

From Expert to Novice...and back again?  A Practical and Personal Account of Transferring a Face-to-Face Taught Master’s Course in Leadership into a Fully Online Asynchronous one for Distance Learners
Carson Maggie, The University of Edinburgh, UK


Note-taking Skills and Students' Characteristics in Online Courses
Nakayama Minoru and  Hiroh Yamamoto Tokyo Institute of Technology and Kouichi Mutsuura, Shinshu University,  Tokyo, Japan

Using Web 2.0 in Teaching and Research - Insights from training and user-driven research
Grote Brigitte, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

The Three Worlds of Live, Virtual and Constructive Environments
Lacontora John, Drexel University, Philliadelphia USA

How to design and implement a Validation Methodology for Virtual Educational Games
Cretu Carmen Mihaela, Nicoleta Rogoz, and Diana Chihaia, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania

Sharing and shaping effective institutional practice in TEL through the 3E Framework
Smyth Keith, Edinburgh Napier University, UK


E-learning in Distance Education – Engineering Growth: A study of IMT-CDL
Marwaha Tushar and Anita Mathew, Institute of Management Technology - Centre for Distance Learning, Ghaziabad, India

Neogeography in Action - Virtual Fieldwork in a Course on Economic Geography
Brouwer Aleid and Koos Winnips, University of Groningen, ESI, Netherlands (Presentation only)

Using Blogs as an Assessment Tool in Higher Education: An Experience in the Catalan Higher Education Context
Ion Georgeta, Elena Cano, Universitat de Barcelona, Patricia Silva, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and Pilar Iranzo, Universitat Rovira i Virgili Tarragona, Spain


How are Web 2.0 technologies affecting the academic roles in Higher Education? A View from the Literature
Greener Susan, University of Brighton, UK


Lunch (A6)

Lunch (A6)

Lunch (A6)

Lunch (A6)

Lunch (A6)

Saturday afternoon: 13:15-16:00



Room - A2

Stream A: Other: Impact of e-Learning

Chair: Jaap Mulder

Room - A3

Stream B: Social Media in e-Learning: mobile

Chair: David Tordoff

Room - A7

Stream C: Electronic Assessment/Blended learning

Chair: Sheryl Buckley

Room - A8

Stream D: Didactics and e-Learning

Chair: Ketil Arnesen

Room - A12

Stream E: Mini Track on Changing Roles of Teachers

Chair: Sue Greener


Students Attitudes, Opinions and Perception of e-Learning
Poulová Petra, Ivana Šimonova and Miloslava Černá, University of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

An App-Based Resource for Mobile Learning
Steventon Graham and Sean Graham, Coventry University, UK (Presentation Only)

Self-directedness and Critical Reading Skills in a Blended Learning Course:  Analysis and Challenges
Šaffková Zuzana and František Tuma, Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic

Implementation of Netbooks in the Teaching of Mathematics in the Primary School
Vandrova Nada and Antonin Jancarik,  Charles University in Prague,  Czech Republic

Rethinking Creativity in Learning and Teaching with Technology in Romanian Higher Education
Jucan Cornel Nicolae and Mihaela Sabina Dolf Baier, Lucian Blaga University, Romania


Do We Owe Them? The Impact of e-Learning on Disadvantaged Communities
Beaton Catherine, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Education on Wheels – Mobile Dissemination of E-services  and Computer Based Learning in Rural Gujarat, India
Mozelius Peter, Stockholm University, Sweden and Amit Roy, University of Eastern Finland

Learning Analytics Artefacts in a Cloud-based Environment: a Design science perspective
Murnion Phelim, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology and Markus Helfert, Dublin City University, Ireland

Digital Natives ... are changed: An educational scenario with LAMS integration that promotes collaboration via blended learning in Secondary Education
Rossiou Eleni, University of Macedonia, Greece

The Role of the Online Learning Personal Tutor
Mathew David, University of Bedfordshire, Luton, UK


E-learning Funding Programme: A Successful Measure for the Sustainable Modernisation of Daily University Teaching?
Reinhardt Jeelka and Harriet Hoffmann, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany


Hard-Skills on the Cloud – Certification Skills by Blended Learning
Marxer Michael, Reto Götti, NTB, Interstate University of Applied Sciences Buchs, Switzerland, Luis Rocha and Nuno Araujo, CATIM, Porto, Portugal


The Changing Roles of Staff and Student Within a Connectivist Educational Blog Model
Garcia Elaine, Mel Brown, Plymouth College of Art,  and  Ibrahim Elbeltagi, University of Plymouth, UK


Rest Room break



Room: Academy Building: A21
Presentation of Best Poster Award by Dr Koos Winnips


Introduction to the Keynote Speaker: Dr Koos Winnips (University of Groningen)
Keynote Presentation and closing of the conference: Professor Dr. Johannes Cronje, Dean of the Faculty of Informatics and Design at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa
Designing to learn, learning to design: Perfecting the blend in blended learning


Close of conference

Close of conference

Close of conference

Close of conference

Close of conference











To be on display in the Conference lounge from 12:00 noon Friday until 12:00 noon Saturday
Poster Contributors to stand by their posters from 10:00-10:40 on Saturday morning



Posters with Work-in-Progress Papers

Posters with Abstracts



Technology Enhanced Learning at University of Glamorgan and Students' Mobile Technologies
Tomos Florica, Trevor Price, Haydn Blackey, Chris Miller and W Paul Jones, FBS/University of Glamorgan, UK

Some Policy Implications of Bridging the Knowledge Gap in Clinical Transfusion Medicine Through E-Learning
Oladejo Maruff Akinwale, Federal College of Education (special), Oyo, Nigeria, and Cees Smit Sibinga,  ID Consulting,  University of Groningen, Netherlands

Contextualizing Distance Business and Management Education: a Case of the UK Open University and IIM LINK in Russia
Ramanau Ruslan, The Open University, UK and Liubov Krasheninnikova, International Institute of Management (IIM) LINK, Russia

e-Learning in a Faculty of Medicine - How we use BlackBoard™ and Moodle™.
Tordoff David, University of Otago, Wellington, New Zealand



Teaching and Learning Economy through new Technologies - The EET Platform
Ion Georgeta and Cristina-Raluca Popescu, University of Bucharest, Romania

Acceptance of Blog: Engagement of Students towards Positive Learning in Higher Learning Institution
Lallay Inderjit Kaur, Lee Mah Ngee and Ser Zian Tan, University of Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kampar Campus, Malaysia

Perceptions of staff and students' use of digital media
Shapiro Angela, Glasgow Caledonian University and Aidan Johnston, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK

Creating an Authentic E-Portfolio Task for Practical Sports Coaches
Galloway Zsuzsa, University of Wolverhampton, UK



Using Technology to Enhance Formative Assessment
Comiskey David, University of Ulster, Belfast, UK

How to teach science in 1 to 1 primary schools. An experimental study about learning objects efficacy in critical contexts
Serenelli Fabio, Enrico Ruggeri and Andrea Mangiatordi, Università degli Studi Milano-Bicocca, Italy

A Learner-centred Induction to Moodle
Pamplin Morris, and Marie Poirier, City University London, UK

Project Oriented Approach in the Professional Development Program for University Lecturers
Brouwer Natasa, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Harnessing Open Source Technology to Address the Learning Needs of SMEs
Kane-Iturrioz Rosario and Anne Dickinson, Coventry University, UK


Glogs as a New Learning Products in Our Universities
Rodera Ana, Open University of Catalonia, Spain

Making Changes to My Job – What Difference Can I Really Make?
Benn Andrea, University of Brighton, UK





Publication Opportunity
Papers presented at the conference are published in the conference proceedings. You can see details of the proceedings accreditations by clicking on the star to the right. Selected papers from the Conference will be considered for publication in a special issue of the Electronic Journal of e-Learning. ( Proceedings for previous ECEL conferences can be purchased from our bookshop by clicking on the Purchase proceedings button.













Last updated 29 October 2012








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